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You’ve Got Questions - I’ve Got Answers

Quickly find out whether I’ve already addressed your inquiries by checking out some of my frequently asked questions below. If you need more information about our services or would like to learn more about past clients I’ve worked with, feel free to contact me. I’m more than happy to answer your questions and help out with anything you need.

How Long have you been Designing and Installing Holiday/Event Lights?

Matt Mills has been Professionally installing Christmas, Holiday, and Event Lights starting in 2003.  He had been designing and installing on his own home and friends' and families' homes for years before that.  Tom Samuel has been decorating his homes since he was 10.

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How much does a consultation cost?

Consultations are complimentary, before doing a site visit we will ask you some qualifying questions.  A lot of times for the smaller projects we are able to give accurate quotes over the phone, with pictures from either the web or photos sent from you.  Larger Projects do require a site visit where we can discuss our options and verify accessibility.  

Are you insured?

We carry Workers' Compensation, General Liability, and Auto Insurance so you know you are protected.

Do I own the Lights?

No, you do not own the lights.  Part of our service is that we provide all of the necessary components for a professional holiday lighting display.  Extension cords, Lights, and fasteners are all provided by us so that we can guarantee the lights will remain working.  The care and inspection of the lights after taken down and before installation is very important in the longevity of the lights.  As the lights expire we replace them as necessary,  This allows us to guarantee they will stay lit without having to charge for service calls or to hunt down and charge for lights late in the season.  

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Will you Install Lights I aready Own?

No, we will not install lights that you own.*  With lights that you already own we can not guarantee the quality or that they will work through the season.  

*exception (We will install New Lights Purchased from Action Lighting with referral)

Why Do you Only Install Commercial Grade LED Lights?

The Commercial grade LEDs we install are of much higher quality, they are Brighter, more durable, and more efficient that the less expensive lights that you can purchase for the Big Box stores.  If one bulb goes out the remaining will remain lit.

How Much Does a Holiday Lighting Display Cost?

Our packages are Priced to your specific Project based on location, difficulty, and amount of product needed in order to complete the display.  Our packages start at $500 local, to well over $10,000 for larger Projects.  The packages include the custom installation of our product, any maintenance that may be needed, and removal.  We take care to properly store the lights so they are ready for your use in the future. 


What Happens If the Lights Stop Working?

If the Lights stop working we will repair or provide maintenance within 24 hours of being notified of the need. This is part of the service included with the packages.  If there is excessive damage or vandalism there may additional fees. 

When Will the Lights Come Down?

For Lights that are installed for the Holiday season, we begin removing the lights the first weekday after New Year's Day.  We do are best to remove all of the lights by the end of January, however inclement weather can postpone take down.  For lights installed for other events of Holidays at other times of the year we will schedule the removal of the lights.

Why should I use 406 Holiday Lighting?

We Make the Lighting as painless as possible.  By Hiring 406 Holiday Lighting you know that you will have a professional display without taking the time and risk of doing it yourself.  Some communication and payment and we take care of the rest!

Do I need to be Home for the Installation or Take-Down?

No you do not need to be home for the Installation or take down.  The only thing that we need is access to power outside, if using Christmas Light Plugs, we would need them to be powered on.  If you have a specific timer (wifi or Bluetooth) that you would want to use we would need them set up and left out for us to plug them in for you.

When do I pay for my Lighting Package?

Payment of 50% down is required at scheduling, the remaining 50% is due at the time of installation.  The deposit is required to secure a time slot and Materials.  it is a very busy season and there is limited availability.

When should I Schedule our Lighting Package?

You should schedule your lighting service as soon as you know that you will be wanting it.  During the Holiday season installations start as soon as September and continue into the middle of December.   November is the busiest time of year and it is difficult to get large projects done during this time especially with potential excess cold/snow.  

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